New Hampshire arsonist sentenced 22 years for death of 4 dogs

Gregory Bruno has been indicted on multiple charges related to arson fires that killed four dogs. (JASON SCHREIBER/UNION LEADER FILE)

Raymond man indicted in arsons that killed 4 dogs

BRENTWOOD — A Raymond man has been indicted on multiple felony charges accusing him of setting several fires that left four dogs dead, and in one instance, allegedly feeding a dog a knife blade.

A Rockingham County grand jury this week handed up 13 felony indictments against Gregory Bruno, 27, following a series of fires in Epping, Raymond and Stratham earlier this year.

The felony charges accuse Bruno of arson, burglary, animal cruelty, witness tampering and insurance fraud.

He also faces four misdemeanor charges of arson, attempted arson, criminal threatening and false public alarm.

Bruno is being held in the Rockingham County jail on $50,000 cash bail.

“Right now the defendant is being held on a high cash bail and we think that’s appropriate in this case because we’re concerned about the safety of the community, not just people but animals,” Rockingham County Attorney Patricia Conway said.

According to the indictments, the series of fires began on Jan. 12, when Bruno allegedly burglarized a home on Green Road in Raymond and then set a fire.

The family wasn’t home when the fire broke out, but their two dachshunds, Owen and Baron, and Raven, their black Labrador Retriever, were inside their crates on the porch and died of smoke inhalation.

Conway did not comment on a possible motive, but Raymond police Sgt. David Spinney has said Bruno showed a pattern of terrorizing a victim in the Raymond fire and that the two were involved in a “domestic violence relationship.”

Bruno is also accused of setting a fire that destroyed several units at Raymond Self-Storage on March 24. Renters lost many of their belongings in the blaze.

He then allegedly set fire to a home on Anthony Lane in Epping on March 28.

That fire was followed by another alleged arson involving a car parked at the Planet Fitness in Stratham on April 4. A dog inside that vehicle died in the fire, authorities said.

Another indictment alleges Bruno fed a dog an Exacto knife blade on April 24.

Conway said Bruno also is accused of sending a threatening message to the Epping public safety complex.

The charges followed a lengthy investigation involving police from Epping, Raymond and Stratham along with members of the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department, New Hampshire Fire Marshal’s Office, State Police, the Manchester Fire Department, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, and the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

“We’re happy that we were able to work together collaboratively with multiple agencies to get the defendant charged. It took some time to develop probable cause and to make sure that we had the right person,” Conway said, adding that Bruno faces more than 10 years in prison if convicted.

Cops: Woman, 61, Strangled Dog After Minor Bite

JUNE 27–A 61-year-old Florida woman strangled to death her pet Chihuahua after the dog nipped her hand Friday evening, police charge.

Cops today arrested Alice Evans on a felony cruelty to animals charge in connection with the killing of her 12-year-old dog, which she named Big John Evans. Evans, seen above, is being held in lieu of $25,000 bond at the Monroe County jail.

As detailed in a police report, Evans told cops that the dog nipped her on the hand Friday night, the third time the animal had bitten her this year. The Chihuahua, she told investigators, “was becoming aggressive towards her.”

When Evans awoke Saturday at 5 AM, she “choked Big John Evans with his collar,” cops reported. “She said she pulled the collar tight and held it until he died,” the report states. Evans then buried the dog in the backyard of her Marathon home.

Evans later went to a local hospital for treatment of the dog bite (which left a wound “no larger than a pencil eraser”). While there, she reportedly told medical staffers that she had killed her dog.

When asked by an officer why she had not contacted SPCA officials for “assistance with Big John Evans,” Evans offered no reply.

A necropsy confirmed that the Chihuahua died of strangulation, “a death resulting in the infliction of pain, suffering, and injury.

Man accused in horrific animal cruelty case says dog food prices were too high

In total, 20 dogs were rescued, two of which were forced to be put down. The remaining dogs are at the Rockdale County Animal Control in Conyers and are being nursed back to health before they can be put up for adoption.


20 dogs have been seized, two of which were so badly wounded that they had to be put down, in an animal cruelty case that county officials say is one of the worst cases they’ve ever seen.

The dogs were chained or caged in the woods with no food and dirty water behind a home in Rockdale County.

Robert Thomas, who owns the dogs, told police that dog food prices were too high and he started feeding the animals deer meat. Thomas was taken into custody and faces charges related to animal cruelty.

Source: Rockdale County Sheriff's Department

Lita Boyd lives next door to Thomas and had just recently moved in. She says she heard the dogs barking before but never thought they were being kept in such poor conditions. She says she stumbled upon the situation after helping a neighborhood boy search for his own lost pet.

“When you go and you see something at this level in your backyard its absolutely gut wrenching,” said Boyd. “You could visibly see every bone and joint in their bodies. You couldn’t tell if some of the dogs had teeth in their mouth.”

Boyd immediately called animal services.

Woman accused of tossing kittens from car then running them over

Woman accused of tossing kittens from car says she’s innocentCecilia Martinez-Ramirez

NEW BERN, N.C. — A North Carolina woman accused of throwing three kittens from a car and running over two of them says she is innocent.

WITN-TV reports that 42-year-old Cecilia Martinez-Ramirez appeared in a Craven County courtroom on Friday, a day after she had been arrested on a charge of felony cruelty to animals. While the judge was reading the charges, Martinez-Ramirez said she was innocent.

Last week, an eyewitness told local media outlets that he confronted the driver and said he was going to call the police. The woman drove away.

The three kittens had to be euthanized.

Police say the kitten that wasn’t run over had to be put down because of the injuries it suffered from being thrown out of the car.

Shelby woman arrested on bestiality charges

SHELBY- A Shelby woman was arrested and charged with the crime of bestiality on Tuesday, May 30, through an investigation by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

According to arrest warrants, Kelsey Michelle Culp, 22, who lists an address on Shelby County 406, was arrested by the SCSO after she allegedly “caused, aided, or abetted another in engaging in sexual contact,” with a female dog in May.

Image result for SHELBY- A Shelby woman was arrested and charged with the crime of bestiality on Tuesday, May 30, through an investigation by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. According to arrest warrants, Kelsey Michelle Culp, 22, who lists an address on Shelby County 406, was arrested by the SCSO after she allegedly “caused, aided, or abetted another in engaging in sexual contact,” with a female dog in May.

According to the SCSO, Culp’s charges stemmed from one of the same incidents that Daniel Ray Dunn, 28, who lists the same address as Culp, was arrested for on Friday, May 26. Dunn was also charged with producing child pornography and sodomy in the first degree.

Dunn is currently being held in the Shelby County Jail. Dunn is being held on bonds totaling $506,000. Culp was released on a $6,000 bond on May 31.

Bestiality is a class A misdemeanor. If convicted, Culp could face a jail sentence of up to one year and a maximum fine of $6,000.

Culp’s case was assigned to Shelby County District Judge Daniel A. Crowson, and the date for her preliminary hearing has not been set.

According to SCSO Community Outreach Officer Debbie Sumrall, the SCSO is still investigating the charges against both individuals.

“It’s still very early in the investigation. If anyone has any information about this crime, or if there are any other victims, we would love for them to come forward,” Sumrall said.

The SCSO can be contacted by calling 669-4181, or by sending an anonymous tip on

Disgusting Couple Face Bestiality charges

Bestiality charges certified

A Pittsylvania County General District Court judge certified bestiality charges Monday to the next term of the Pittsylvania County Grand Jury against two county people.

Kelly Hardy, 53, of Stony Mill School Road and Arthur Anderson Warren, 59, of Orphanage Road are charged with committing crimes against nature on October 7 and 8, 2016.

Deputy Adam Reynolds of the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office told the court that he went to Warren’s home on March 8 to serve a warrant on him and the defendant initiated a conversation with him.

“He asked whether or not having sex with animals was legal,” said the deputy.

According to Reynolds, Warren said he had a video on his cell phone of Hardy with an animal.

The deputy said that Warren told him that while he wasn’t personally involved, he had recorded the video.

He said Warren kept trying to give him the phone, so he could see the video, but he told him to hold off until he got a search warrant and to give the phone to Investigator Janet Sargent of the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office when she arrived.

During Monday’s preliminary hearing, Assistant Prosecutor Molly Burke played two videos for the court as evidence of the crimes.

In the videos, Warren’s voice could be heard giving instructions to Hardy and telling her to shut up.

Sargent testified that when she asked Warren why he filmed the incident, he said that he was a man and she (Hardy) was just lying there like that and wanted him to see her.

In a related case, Hardy testified that she and Warren had been in a relationship, but she had broken it off with him on March 1.

She said that on March 2, while she was at work, he called her and said that he wanted to talk her and that their relationship was not over.

When she got off work, she found him inside her home sitting at the kitchen counter.

She said he then went to his truck and got a hammer and began tearing down her dog lot.

“He said he was going to tear up everything he had helped plant in the ground and everything he had nailed together,” she said.

Image result for hangmans noose

Hardy took photos of the damage.

After hearing the evidence, Judge George A. Jones Jr. found Warren guilty of misdemeanor property destruction and trespassing on March 2 and fined him $100 on each charge and gave him a 30-day suspended jail sentence on both. He also told Warren to have no contact with Hardy.

Hardy also faced a misdemeanor assault and battery charge Monday. Warren claimed that she attacked him and chipped his tooth in May 2016, but didn’t press charges against Hardy until a year later.

“She beat the crap out of me,” he said. When asked why he waited so long to press charges, he said, “I didn’t want her lose her job.”

When asked why he thought she assaulted him, he said, “She’s a very scorned woman.”

The judge found Hardy not guilty of the assault charge.

Senior woman spared jail sentence for bestiality with three dogs

A 64-year-old woman filmed committing bestiality with a St Bernard, a black Labrador and an Alsatian, told a judge at Lincoln Crown Court she didn’t know it was illegal. Carol Bowditch, 64, was filmed at a disgusting sex party where owners watched their dogs having intercourse with women and then carrying on sexual contact with each other.

According to Lincolnshire Live, the bizarre situation had been posted on an Internet forum specializing in bestiality resulting in a RAF Police investigation leading the authorities to Bosditch’s home where the video was discovered. The prosecutor, Victoria Rose described nearly nine minutes of video, graphically showing Bosditch having sex with the St. Bernard dog named Oscar. The defendant admitted the disturbing actions took place over several years.
Daniel Galloway, 65, admitted aiding and abetting Bowditch to have intercourse with the dog. He also admitted charges of making indecent images of children, possession of a prohibited image of a child, distributing 1,861 indecent images of children and possession of extreme pornography.  Judge Michael Heath sentenced Bosditch to  a one-year community service order with supervision and a four-month night time curfew. She could have received a two-year prison sentence. Galloway was jailed for 12 months, must register as a sex offender for ten years and was made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order.

“What you engaged in was first of all unlawful and secondly disgusting. I am told that you have received public humiliation as a result of the publicity that this case has attracted. That does not surprise me,” Judge Heath told Bosditch.
As for Galloway, Judge Heath had even harsher words:

“It is beyond me to understand how you having a female partner stood by, and further aided and abetted your partner to have sex with three dogs. But that wasn’t the end of it. You also downloaded indecent images of children.”

Photos via rescue and Lincolnshire Live

Woman faces animal cruelty charges in ‘heartbreaking’ case

PRATTVILLE — An Autauga County woman faces half a dozen cruelty to animal charges in what the sheriff calls a “heartbreaking” case.

Linda Thomas McDonald, 67, of  County Road 39, faces six misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals, courthouse records show. She was released Wednesday after posting bonds totaling $18,000. She could not be reached for comment, and jail records show she doesn’t have an attorney.


The dogs suffered from “severe” mange and a scabies infestation, said Sheriff Joe Sedinger.

“It’s horrible the shape these dogs are in,” he said. “It’s heartbreaking. This is the worst case of neglect I’ve ever seen.”

Five of the six dogs are in such poor shape, they were set to be euthanized Wednesday, upon recommendation from a veterinarian, said Claudia Risgby, director of the Prattville-Autauga Humane Shelter. The dogs were taken to the shelter after they were seized by deputies.

“They are suffering horribly,” she said, Wednesday.

The sheriff’s office confirmed  that the five dogs had been put down.

Shelter officials felt the sixth dog, who was in better shape than the others, possibly could be saved. However, that dog had to be euthanized Thursday due to scabies infestation, the sheriff’s office said

Photos taken by the sheriff’s office animal control officer show five dogs with no hair at all. It’s impossible to distinguish the breed of the dogs from the photos. One photo shows a dog with no hair, covered in scabs and open, running sores.

Deputies arrived at the address about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday to serve a search warrant in an unrelated case. The dogs were found in a “small, camper trailer,” Sedinger said.

“There’s no way she could have not known these dogs were in such bad shape,” he said. “I just can’t understand how someone could let animals get like this.”


Oklahoma City couple accused of sharing child porn, bestiality videos

 Tiffany Webb

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City couple were arrested Monday, accused of sharing child pornography involving sex with animals.

“While we’ve made many child pornography arrests over the past six years, this is the first time we’ve arrested a married couple for possession of child pornography,” Canadian County Sheriff Chris West said.

In addition to child pornography, investigators found an extensive collection of bestiality videos.

“I was shocked and sickened to learn the Webb’s collection included bestiality videos involving children,” West said.

Benjamin J. Webb, 33, and Tiffany L. Webb, 34, were arrested Monday after an investigation that began last month, Capt. Adam Flowers said.

Investigators received child pornography on an undercover computer programmed to detect people trading explicit child pornography. Multiple devices including cellular phones, tablets, and laptops were seized for forensic examination.

Two laptops were examined on location and determined to contain hundreds of images of child pornography, Flowers said.

The Webbs were taken to the Canadian County jail where they were jailed on two counts of aggravated possession of child pornography, and a Computer Crimes Act violation.

They both remain jailed in lieu of $250,000 bail.

Woman sentenced in dog abuse case

Image result for Woman sentenced in bestiality case

60 days in jail with 5 years’ probation

Amber Finney, 33, of Warren, appeared before Warren Municipal Court Judge Terry Ivanchak, who sentenced her to 180 days in jail but suspended 120 of them. He also credited Finney for the 33 days she has been in the Trumbull County Jail.

The judge also fined Finney $300 and put her on five years’ probation. As terms of her probation, the woman is not allowed to own any animals during the five-year period.

The charges stem from a video released in January that showed a woman performing s&x acts on a dog. Police arrested Finney about 9 p.m. April 9 at her home at 1125 Ward St. NW.

Finney is the first person charged under the city’s best@lity law, the first law of its kind to be passed in Ohio. The law provides enhanced penalties for those convicted of having s&x with animals and was passed unanimously June 22 by City Council.

The law made bestiality a first-degree misdemeanor, which means a convicted person may receive a jail sentence of up to 180 days and given a $1,000 fine for each count. If someone is found guilty, he or she may be required to pay for boarding and care of the animals.

The law originated from the 2016 case of Salvador Rendon of Warren, who investigators say had s&x multiple times over six years with two boxers in his Ward Street NW home. Rendon pleaded guilty to a charge of animal cruelty and also received a short jail sentence.

Ohio lawmakers later passed a law banning besti@lity in the state.